Sunday, July 31, 2011

Log Directory Structure in Cluster Ready Service:

$ORA_CRS_HOME/crs/log--->contains trace files for the CRS resources
$ORA_CRS_HOME/crs/init--->contains the trace files of the CRS daemon during startup.Good Place to start with any CRS login problems.
$ORA_CRS_HOME/css/log---->The Cluster Synchronization (CSS) logs indicate all actions sych as reconfigurations,missed check -inbs,connects and disconnects from the client CSS listener.In some cases,the loggeer logs messages with category of auth.crit for the rebbots done by oracle.This could be used for checking the exact time when the reboot occured
$ORA_CRS_HOME/css/init----->contains core dumps from cluster synchronization service daemon(OCSSd) AND THE PROCESS id (pid) FOR THE css DAEMON whose death is treated as fatal.If abnormal restarts of CSS exist,the core files will have the format core.
$ORA_CRS_HOME/evm/log---> Logfiles for the Event Volume manager and evmlogger daemons.Not used for debugging as the CRS and CSS directories.
$ORA_CRS_HOME/evm/init--->PID and lock files for EVM .Core files of EVM should also be written here.
$ORA_CRS_HOME/srvm/log--->Log files for the Oracle Cluster Registry(OCR) which contsins the details at the oracle cluster level.
$ORA_CRS_HOME/log----->Logfiles for Oracle Cluterware(known as cluster alert)which contains diagnostic messages at the oracle cluster level.This is available form oracle database 10g R2


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