Sunday, December 23, 2007

I frequently talk about optimizing top resource consumption.And now most obvious question from audience is always how to find such sessions/sqls. here

I frequently talk about optimizing top resource consumption.And now most obvious question from audience is always how to find such sessions/sqls. here are ways to get both while you dont have statspack snapshot you can use them as alternate.

QUERY(cusomizable,according to your workload and) and Sample Output from SPOOL

1 SELECT ses.sid
2 , DECODE(ses.action,NULL,'online','batch') "User"
3 , MAX(DECODE(sta.statistic#,9,sta.value,0))
4 /greatest(3600*24*(sysdate-ses.logon_time),1) "Log IO/s"
5 , MAX(DECODE(sta.statistic#,40,sta.value,0))
6 /greatest(3600*24*(sysdate-ses.logon_time),1) "Phy IO/s"
7 , 60*24*(sysdate-ses.logon_time) "Minutes"
9 , V$SESSTAT sta
10 WHERE ses.status = 'ACTIVE'
11 AND sta.sid = ses.sid
12 AND sta.statistic# IN (9,40)
13 GROUP BY ses.sid, ses.action, ses.logon_time
15 SUM( DECODE(sta.statistic#,40,100*sta.value,sta.value) )
16* / greatest(3600*24*(sysdate-ses.logon_time),1) DESC
SQL> /

SID User Log IO/s Phy IO/s Minutes
---------- ------ ---------- ---------- ----------
9 online 12913.0075 12912.9963 26.7166667
5 online 98.9491051 98.9362416 29.8
14 online 4578.26388 .012476606 26.7166667
19 online 3170.5866 .00270636 24.6333333
20 online 1328.76316 .035087719 1.9
18 online .111731844 .026536313 11.9333333
7 online .749860101 0 29.7833333
21 online .2 0 .5
6 online .016219239 0 29.8
1 online 0 0 29.8166667
2 online 0 0 29.8166667

SID User Log IO/s Phy IO/s Minutes
---------- ------ ---------- ---------- ----------
3 online 0 0 29.8166667
4 online 0 0 29.8

13 rows selected.

1 SELECT hash_value, executions, buffer_gets, disk_reads, parse_calls
3 WHERE buffer_gets > 1000
4 OR disk_reads > 100
5* ORDER BY buffer_gets + 100*disk_reads DESC
SQL> /

---------- ---------- ----------- ---------- -----------
2626326413 1 572 384 1
690085868 1 2575 134 1
2963598673 349 1095 55 6
657604649 1 1172 18 1


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