Thursday, December 20, 2007

Identifying Unused Indexes with the ALTER INDEX MONITORING USAGE Command

Checked for relevance on 03-July-2007

This document explains how to identify unused indexes in order to remove them.

DBAs must be aware that unused indexes:
* consume storage space
* degrade performance by unnecessary overheads during DML operations


Note 144070.1 Identifying unused indexes in Oracle9i

How to Identify Unused Indexes in Order to Remove Them:
The examples below work if the user logged is the owner of the index.

1. Set the index under MONITORING:

SQL> alter index I_EMP monitoring usage;
Index altered.

SQL> select * from v$object_usage;

--------------- --------------- --- ---- ------------------- -------------------
I_EMP EMP YES NO 03/14/2001 09:17:19

2. Check if the monitored indexes are used or not through the USED column in

SQL> select sal from emp where ename='SMITH';


Execution Plan

The explain plan indicates the index is used.

SQL> select * from v$object_usage;

--------------- --------------- --- ---- ------------------- -------------------
I_EMP EMP YES YES 03/14/2001 09:17:19

If the index was not used, the DBA could drop this unused index.

3. To stop monitoring an index, use the following SQL statement:

SQL> alter index i_emp nomonitoring usage;
Index altered.

SQL> select * from v$object_usage;

--------------- --------------- --- ---- ------------------- -------------------
I_EMP EMP NO YES 03/14/2001 09:17:19 03/14/2001 09:55:24

As soon as you turn monitoring on again for the index, both columns
MONITORING and USED are reset.

SQL> alter index i_emp monitoring usage;
Index altered.

SQL> select * from v$object_usage;

--------------- --------------- --- ---- ------------------- -------------------
I_EMP EMP YES NO 03/14/2001 09:57:27


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