Tuesday, January 8, 2008

10 Scripts Every DBA Should Have

I. Display the Current Archivelog Status :


II. Creating a Control File Trace File


III. Tablespace Free Extents and Free Space

column Tablespace_Name format A20
column Pct_Free format 999.99

select Tablespace_Name,Max_Blocks,Count_Blocks,Sum_Free_Blocks,100*Sum_Free_Blocks/Sum_Alloc_Blocks AS Pct_Free from
(select Tablespace_Name, SUM(Blocks) Sum_Alloc_Blocks
from DBA_DATA_FILES group by Tablespace_Name),(select Tablespace_Name FS_TS_NAME,MAX(Blocks) AS Max_Blocks,COUNT(Blocks) AS Count_Blocks,
SUM(Blocks) AS Sum_Free_Blocks from DBA_FREE_SPACE group by Tablespace_Name) where Tablespace_Name = FS_TS_NAME;

IV. Display Allocated Space & Quota by User

select * from DBA_TS_QUOTAS order by Tablespace_Name, Username;

V. Show Allocated Storage for All Objects

column Segment_Name format A40
select Segment_Name, Extents, Blocks
where Segment_Type = '&segment_type'
order by Segment_Name;

VI. Map a Tablespace's Used and Free Space

select Segment_Name, File_Id, Block_Id, Blocks
from DBA_EXTENTS where Tablespace_Name = '&&tablespacename'
select 'Free Space', File_Id, Block_Id, Blocks
from DBA_FREE_SPACE where Tablespace_Name = '&&tablespacename'
order by 2,3;

VII. Blocks Used by Data in a Table

select COUNT(DISTINCT(SUBSTR(ROWID,1,8)||SUBSTR(ROWID,15,4))) Blocks_Used from &table;

VIII. Reset a User's Password

select 'ALTER USER &&1 IDENTIFIED BY VALUES '||''''||Password||''''||';' from DBA_USERS where Username = UPPER('&&1');


column Name format A50
column Value format A28
select Name, Value from V$PARAMETER;

X. Show Statement Execution Path

select LPAD(' ',2*LEVEL)||Operation||' '||Options ||' '||Object_Name Q_PLAN from PLAN_TABLE where Statement_ID = 'TEST' connect by prior ID = Parent_ID and Statement_ID = 'TEST' start with ID=1;


Anonymous said...


small note: the formatting is terrible.

oracle r12 documentation said...

Wow. I am only having five of the above listed scripts that I use mostly. Its really exciting to have few more helpful scripts that you have posted. I recently got an opportunity in this field and loves to learn new points. Thanks for this great share.

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