Sunday, January 20, 2008

Regular Tasks Of a DBA....

1.Regular Monitoring of The free space in Database.

2.Taking logical bakups of important table.

3.Checking the locks on the Database.

4.Checking the long running queries on ur database

5.Analysing the performance of ur Database

6.Investigate Wait Statistics

7.Tablespace Usage

8.Ensure Connectivity to Oracle

9.Lock Contention

10.Extent Failure

11.Alert Logs

12.Redo Logs

13.Check if all the instances are up and running ps -ef | grep ora -

14.check if all the listeners are up and running ps -ef | grep litener

15.check log file for any new errors

16.verify success of backup
17.verify succss of archiving to tape and to standby db

18.verify size of archived folder

19.check out free space of tablespace

20.check invalid objects

21.monitor users and transactions for dead locks

22.Monitoring the Top SQL Statements

23.Monitoring Long Operations

24.Monitoring Sessions

25.Monitoring System Statistics

26.Is the database up and responding to requests

27.Are the listeners up and responding to requests

28.Are the Oracle Names and LDAP Servers up and responding to requests

29.Are the Web Listeners up and responding to requests


Patrick said...

Maybe Add:

30: Listen to your voice messages:
Somehow or another, there is always a database issue (or at least they, the end users, think so)

Good list!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayyappa,

i am Kalai, Jibu's friend working for Satyam only. Currently giving support for Cisco database environments as Core DBA and Apps DBA.